Arizona Medicaid

The state of Arizona offers assistance for medicare part b premiums and medical services for those who qualify. We can help to provide for you the requirements and qualifications offered through AHCCCS.  (Arizona's medicaid program.) 

Often it is very difficult to get answers and to navagate through the system.  Please give us a call or enter your information so that we can provide for you immediate assistance. 

AHCCCS has multiple programs and options so if you don't qualify for all the benefits you may receive assistance for your medicare part b premiums. 

Food stamps and cash assistance is also available from the state Department of Economic Security. 

Arizona Medicare Plans for Medicaid Recipients

Enter your information to see which plans you qualify for:

     Medicare Advantage Plans Available for Medicaid Recipients 

United Health Care


                        Medicare Recipient Income Qualifications 

If your income is under $931.00 per month and you are single you may qualify for full medicaid (AHCCCS) benefits.  This amount is $1261.00 if you are married. 

You may also qualify for your medicare part b premium to be paid if your income is under
$1257.00 if you are single and $1703.00 if you are married.  Please give us a call and we can get you the additional information needed.